Here are some commonly asked questions answered! Email us at if you have a question you would like to see answered!

Why do I have to pay a membership fee? Who gets my membership fee?

The membership fee is paid directly to Louisville Homeschool, Inc, a 501c3 non-profit. The majority of the membership fee is applied to insurance for our group. Members of Louisville Homeschool have access to the following benefits*:

• Unlimited access to Kentuckiana’s most comprehensive listings of homeschool resources
• Private online forums
• Private Facebook groups to securely post questions, ideas and meet local homeschoolers.
• Informal Gatherings: meet-ups, play dates, etc
• Group parties
• In-person parent support
• LHS Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
• Access to the area’s first and only secular, inclusive cottage school
• Access to select River City Field Trips field trips before the general homeschooling community
• Opportunities for friendship for you and your homeschooled child(ren)
• One LHS membership card per family that can be used for Educator’s Discount at many stores and locations.

The money from membership fees will be used first to pay for insurance for our group. Once necessary bills are paid, we will use the money left over to fund parties, events, and whatever is decided upon as a group as long as it furthers our purpose as a 501c3 non-profit.

While we hope to eventually be able to pay for everything completely with membership dues, at this time, we will probably still need people to bring food to parties or pay a little if we rent a venue. In addition to using the membership fee to pay for insurance, bills, and parties, we hope that it brings together a more close knit community. It is a very low fee for a yearly membership because we want to be sure everyone can afford to join us. If you need more time to pay your yearly fee, just email to discuss your options. All monies paid to LHS will be used to further our non-profit purpose.

*Some play dates and/or meetups will require separate admission fees which are not included in the membership fees such as zoo admission, laser tag admission, etc.  ALL activities require members of LHS to volunteer to lead them.  We can only offer what members volunteer to lead.  Some membership benefits may be available on a first come, first serve basis with limited supplies and capacity. Membership benefits are subject to change without notice or refund.


How does it benefit us as a group to be a 501c3?

• Your membership fee is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law (just like the Louisville Zoo’s Membership)
• We can receive tax deductible donations from anyone or any business.
• We can receive grants from organizations including Louisville Metro and Kentucky.
• We can have fundraisers. If the kids want to sell cookie dough to pay for a trip to Washington D.C., they can.
• We get discounts on public parks, and many other places. The discounts are steep, usually half of what an individual is charged. To rent a facility at Jefferson Memorial Forest is $400 for an individual, $200 for a non-profit.
• We are sales tax exempt. We can buy supplies for any of our purpose driven activities without paying the 6% sales tax.
• We are able to run co-ops and cottage schools without the fear of IRS repercussions. Most people don’t realize that when they are charging for co-ops and cottage schools, paying teachers, etc. that they have a financial responsibility to the IRS. LHS is aware of the tax code regarding non-profits, homeschool groups, co-ops, and cottage schools, and is prepared to file at the end of our fiscal year. People conducting these business without ever filing with the IRS, if found out, can suffer harsh repercussions, including but not limited to paying taxes on all of the money they put into their account, even if they spent it all on supplies, teachers, field trips, etc. LHS doesn’t want any parent to go through that.

Why can’t I access the website anymore?

The full website is only available to members of Louisville Homeschool.  You can register for membership at

Why can’t I post the playgroup/support group/etc on LHS’s Facebook page?

While we encourage all homeschoolers to do and create what is right for them, posts about competing groups or events are not allowed, as that is disrespectful of the work that LHS’s volunteers put into creating/maintaining the group. Any posts or responses about competing groups or events will be deleted.


Why doesn’t LHS host a __________?

LHS can only offer events and activities that people volunteer to lead. All of our events, parties, playgroups, activities, etc are run by volunteers. If no one volunteers to lead or help with an activity, it does NOT happen. If you would like to volunteer, email us at! We are always looking to offer more activities to the homeschooling community.

How do I volunteer with LHS?

If you would like to volunteer, email us at! Let us know what you’re interested in volunteering to do. We are always looking to offer more activities to the homeschooling community.


Does LHS host field trips?

All Louisville Homeschool field trips are hosted through River City Field Trips.  River City Field Trips offers over 40 field trips a year.  It is available to all homeschool families.  You can find their website at If you have a field trip that you would like setup, contact RCFT at They try to accommodate every request they receive.


Who is on the LHS committees?

All of our committees’ descriptions and openings are up at

We will publish committees soon!

We are still looking for volunteers, so feel free to contact us!


How do committees get money from membership fees?

Each committee submits a request that includes what the money will be used for, how much money they need, and any other necessary details. The request is submitted to the board for approval. Money requests will be approved by the Board if funds are available, the request furthers the purpose of our non-profit, is reasonable, and does not conflict with any of LHS’s by-laws, TOS, or policies.


Who is on Louisville Homeschool’s Board of Directors?

Goldie Hawkins, Robin Williams, Vickie Singleton, and Joanne Marksbury comprise the Board of Directors.  You can reach the board of directors by emailing them at  Responses can take up to 2 business days, as all of the volunteers on the board are employed outside the home.


What is the Board of Directors?

A nonprofit organization’s board of directors (the “Board”) is responsible for the legal and financial management of the organization. Individuals are the directors that comprise the Board.  The Board, as a body, has ultimate authority over the nonprofit. Essentially, the Board’s role is to establish the mission, goals, policies, and strategic direction of the nonprofit. Decisions like approving the budget, setting governance policies, working to ensure sufficient resources, and determining the strategy to achieve the mission, are all Board responsibilities. The Board is not conceived to carry on the day-to-day operations of the nonprofit. Instead the Board delegates authority to its officers so the nonprofit is capable of operating on a day-to-day basis.